2017 JWC Board Members

Input from the community is always welcome! Please feel free to contact any board member it you have any questions or concerns you would like to address.

Just click on any email link to send an email or call the number listed

Position Name Phone Email
President Kim Haack  (509) 282-0590 Email Kim
President-Elect Phill Cole (509) 948-8846  Email Phill
Past-President Nick Johnson  (509) 531-3369 Email Nick
Secretary Mike Larche  (509) 430-5904  Email Mike
Registrar Gerry Griffin (509) 438-6619 Email Gerry
Treasurer Amy Ballard (509) 954-9887 Email Amy
Spiritual Adviser Kriss Bottino (509)-308-5698  Email Kriss
Community Representative Ted Pancoast (509) 680-5784 Email Ted
Community Representative VACANT
Community Representative VACANT
Youth Community Representative Chaianne Cutts (509) 491-0676  Email Chaianne
Youth Community Representative Jenona Rigor (630) 631 9764  Email Jenona
Youth Community Representative Kaylie Cole (509) 412-4240 Email Kaylie
Youth Community Representative Meaghan Shell (509) 216-1653 Email Meaghan
Web Servant Jon Page (509) 521-2946  Email Jon
Trailer Guardian VACANT