2024 JWC Board Members

Input from the community is always welcome! Please contact any board member it you have any questions, comments or concerns. Right click on any email link, hold the ctrl key at the same time as hold the letter c key to copy the email address. In address line of your email message, hold down the ctrl at the same time as you hold down the letter v key so the board member’s email address shows in the To: line. You can also call a board member as phone numbers are also listed.

If you are interested in knowing about the responsibilities of any of the JWC board positions, place your cursor over the position title and click to open up the document that describes the responsibilities for each position. Board members who have a vote are indicated by ♦.

Board/Officer Positions Name Phone Email
President-Elect VACANT   Email
President Ted Pancoast (509) 675-5822 Email
Past President Nick Johnson ♦ (509) 531-3369 Email
Treasurer Marcus Vickers ♦ (509) 833-4866 Email
Secretary Dave Smith ♦ (509) 710-8697 Email
Registrar Kelsey Cleveland ♦ (509) 389-2959 Email
Church Finder Kim Haack ♦ (509) 318-0762 Email
Nominations Chair Ben Boucher ♦ (509) 366-9414 Email
Board/Non-Officer Positions Name Phone Email
Community Representative Amalie Pancoast ♦ (509) 680-3399 Email
Community Representative Izzy Chase ♦ (509) 318-0047 Email
Community Representative Erick Cleveland ♦ (509) 499-1577 Email
Community Representative Jeremy Lanthorn ♦ (541) 993-2446 Email
Community Representative Kyle Haack ♦ (509) 990-1746 Email
Community Representative Dylan Haack ♦ (509) 263-1185 Email
Community Representative Gary Bush ♦ (509) 539-8905 Email
Spiritual Advisor Shann Profitt (208) 791-1632 Email
Spiritual Advisor Maren Boucher (509) 366-9492 Email
Spiritual Advisor VACANT    
Committees Contact Phone Email

& Lay Director Training

Nick Johnson (509) 531-3369 Email
Discipleship Committee VACANT    
Document Review VACANT   Email
Flight Report Gary Bush (509) 539-8905 Email
Outreach Coordinator Jeremy Lanthorn (541) 993-2446 Email
Reenactment Liaison  Erick Cleveland (509) 499-1577 Email
Registration Committee
Kelsey Cleveland
Gerry Griffin
(509) 438-6619 Email
Steering Coordinator VACANT    
Song Team Support Kyle Haack (509) 990-1746 Email
Trailer Committee Jaime Sambrano  (509) 830-3880 Email
Web Servant Gary Bush (509) 539-8905 Email